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My cameras are Mamiya 6, Mamiya 7, and Pentax 645.  I generally use Plus-X or Tri-X film.
My darkroom is equipped with a Fujimoto 450M Variable Contrast Enlarger, which automatically and mechanically inserts neutral density filters between the light source and lens stage to maintain constant aperture and exposure times when changing contrast grades. All photographs are printed by hand using traditional methods of local light control, such as dodging, burning, and bleaching.  I use a 100mm Schneider Componon-S lens for 2 1/4 square, 6 x 4.5 and 6 x7 negatives. The gelatin silver paper used is Agfa (now Adox) Multicontrast Classic.  Prints are developed for 2.5 minutes in a warm tone developer, Zonal Pro HQ Warmtone. I do not use a traditional acetic acid stop bath, instead using a simple water rinse for thirty seconds and T4 Ammonia Thiosulfate Rapid Archival fixer.  Prints are finally selenium toned for permanence and slight increase in Dmax.  Prints are washed archivally in an upright Gravity Works Print Washer that holds up to 16 11x14 prints. They are then air dried face down on fiberglass screens to minimize curling.   
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