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1954 - 2013    Brooklyn,  New York - Seattle, Washington



1972              Advanced Photographic Techniques. Franconia College. 

1974              Black and White Photography.  Santa Monica College, Santa Monica

1993              Black and White II. Photographic Center Northwest. Seattle, Washington

1999              The Land and the Spirit. Santa Fe Photography Workshops. Instructor,  
                         Chris Rainier

2005              Bruce Barnbaum Photographic Workshops – Advanced Black and      
                         White Printing



2011               Blue Sky Gallery, Portland - "Five Blocks to Green Lake"
2010              Glazers Camera, Seattle - "Five Blocks to Green Lake"
2006              Seattle City Hall Gallery – "Five Blocks to Green Lake"   
                         Sponsored by City of Seattle Department of Arts and Cultural Affairs  
2001              King County Art Gallery.  Seattle.  "Green Lake -Biodiversity"

2000             Photographic Center Northwest Gallery. Seattle.  "Green Lake -Biodiversity"

1997              Phinney  Center Gallery.  Seattle.  "Portraits: A Retrospective - Gary 
                        Grenell & Robin Nelson-Wickes"

1994              Fotocircle Gallery. Seattle.  "Visions of Goiás: Portraits of Rural Brazil"

1988              Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center, UCLA.  "Art That Heals"

1974              Canis Gallery, Venice, Ca.  "First Exhibit"



2012              Portland Art Museum, "Flesh and Bone."   Portland, OR. 
2012              Collective Visions Gallery, Bremerton, WA.  Fifth Annual Juried Exhibition.
2009             Photographic Center Northwest,  Annual Members Show.  Juried Exhibition.

2009             University of Washington – Urban Horticulture Center.  "The Potential 
an Exploration of Art, Creativity & Psyche"   Sponsored by Northwest 
                         Alliance for  Psychoanalytic Studies

2009              Center for Fine Art Photography.  Fort Collins, Colorado.  "Black and 

2005             Photographer’s Showcase.  Juried, online exhibition. Photo-eye Gallery. 
                         Santa Fe, New Mexico. Five Blocks From Green Lake

2004             Photographic Center Northwest Gallery.  "Photographs from the PCNW 

2004             University of Washington – Waterfront Activities Center.  "The Potential 
An Exploration of Art, Creativity,  and Psyche"    
                         Northwest Alliance for Psychoanalytic Studies

1999              Photographic Center Northwest Gallery - "Take My Picture"

                        Benefiting the Photographic Center Northwest - Seattle

1998              Fotocircle Gallery.  Seattle.  Fotocircle 3.5 - Reunion Show.

1997              Bumbershoot Fair: Seattle Center and ArtSpace Gallery.  Eye Contact 
                        Juried Photographic Exhibition. Sponsored by Seattle Arts Commission, 
                        Washington State Arts Commission, Allied Arts, Artist Trust, and 

1994              Summer Song Gallery.  Seattle.  Evolving.                           

1994              Benham Studio Gallery. Seattle.  Portraits.   

1994              Fotocircle Gallery.  Seattle.   Fotocircle - Inaugural Show. 

1993              Benham Studio Gallery, Seattle.  Street Scenes. 

1988              Brand Library Art Gallery. Glendale, California.  Annual Juried 
                        Group Exhibition. Los Angeles Center for Photographic 



2006              The Photo Review 2005 Competition - Finalist

2000              Santa Fe Center for Visual Arts: Vision 2000 - Project Competition

                         Honorable Mention Award for “Green Lake - Biodiversity”



2006              City of Seattle – Mayor’s Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs 

                         Annual Report

2006              The Photo Review – Volume 27, Number 4 “Green Lake Gothic”              

2000              Newsletter for the Photographic Artist - Calumet Photographic

                         Volume 13 - 2000   “Green Lake Gothic”



                         ♦  Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins Colorado 
                        ♦  Museum of Fine Arts, Houston    
                                Acquistions made in 2007 and 2010    
                         ♦  Photographic Center Northwest, Seattle.
                         ♦  Portland Art Museum, Portland



2006            “The Alliance Forum”  The Newsletter of the Northwest Alliance 
                        for Psychoanalytic Study.  September 2006.  Interview with Gary Grenell 
                        by  Katherine Knowlton,  Ph.D.

                        "Correlations  -  Newsletter of the Center for Object Relations".  The
                        Extraordinary Within the Ordinary - Gary Grenell’s Green Lake - 
                        Biodiversity” Trilby Coolidge

2000            Seattle North Central Outlook  - Annual Almanac and Readers Guide

                       Review of “Green Lake Biodiversity” by Mike Dillon


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